Article about leisure time activities Knitting it’s creative and useful

При подготовке на кембриджский экзамен на уровень B1/B2 учились писать сочинение про свое хобби — Article about leisure time activities. Темой своего сочинения я выбрала вязание — творческое и полезное занятие. Сочинение должно отвечать на два вопроса: как вы начали заниматься своим хобби и почему оно вам так нравится. Объем сочинения 140-190 слов.

Article about leisure time activities Knitting is creative and useful

Article about leisure time activities Knitting is creative and useful

Knitting – it’s creative and useful!

I got started knitting when I was about 10. Grandma taught me how to create simple things with needles. I remember my first knitted snake toy that was quite wry and fun. Of course, my first knitted things weren’t very good quality, but I practiced a lot and tried to improve my skills.

When I was a young girl, I knitted several pullovers. It was so amazing to create clothes and had  one, that nobody had! I still wear a couple of those pullovers.

But knitting really became my hobby when my daughter was born. It was astonishing to make toys for her. By the way, I got started crocheting that time. I also love to create unusual hats for my kids.

For me, knitting is an opportunity to engage in creativity. It allows me to have exclusive clothes. Certainly, knitting is a time-consuming activity, so I find it relaxing, but for other people it may be irritating. Also, knitting helps me spend time when I’m waiting for my children while they are engaging in sections. Finally, it’s economical to make clothes myself, not to buy them.


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